Broken save/load system

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Broken save/load system Empty Broken save/load system

Message par Woogyface le Dim 29 Jan - 13:16

Just want to bring to your attention that the save/load system is entirely broken atm here are some examples

--In-game code and code generated in the wc3 directory when typing -save are both different ( as tier 0 )
--Tier 1 only 1 hero can be saved (the one with the two first weapons forgot his name) if you save with any other hero you get that hero anyway
--All codes generated only contain 12~ characters and always load the hero of the previous point

as it is now it's impossible to load any hero other than the one with the two first weapons (T1 hero) and most? (T0 heroes) even tho that is a buggy mess since you got two different codes when you save (the one that shows up in game and the one that gets generated in your folder

Map version: newest currently on ENT gaming "Depethia Online 1.5b"


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Broken save/load system Empty Re: Broken save/load system

Message par [Admin] Shayoo le Dim 29 Jan - 19:04

ye i should have made a post about it but the 1.5b is broken atm we are working on it. a fixed ver will be released with some content next week. sry for that play 1.48b please
[Admin] Shayoo
[Admin] Shayoo

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