News & Screenshoot :p

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News & Screenshoot :p Empty News & Screenshoot :p

Message par [Admin] Shayoo le Jeu 9 Mar - 1:20

Hey guy's Project is moving on, having some difficulties irl but here's a screenshoot of the 18 raid arena where you will fight 3 type of boss in order :

Fell - The Blood Lich
Gordur - Golem of Souls
Erenis - The Ressurected Maid of Chaos

In this event available at lvl 2500 you must defeat each boss within a time limit otherwise you whole team will suffer a total wipe & you will need to begin all over again. The mechanic are pretty simple step in circle at right time or avoid contact with the crystals :p

1.6 coming soon.
News & Screenshoot :p Ultima10
[Admin] Shayoo
[Admin] Shayoo

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